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Welcome to the web-site of China zhengguang valve group! I am willing to take the opportunity of the coming New Year to express my sincere appreciations to all the clients and friends who support our company. I wish all of you happy everday!!
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P.c : 325105
E-mail:[email protected]
Class 150~1500 Cast Steel Fixed Ball Valve
Class 150~300 Floating Ball Valve
Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve
RRHX rising stem resilient seated gate valve
Flanged End Gate Valve 900Lb~1500Lb
Class 600~2500 Pressure Seal Gate Valve
 About ZHENGGUANGGROUP     Manufacturers Image Show
CHINA ZHENGGUANG VALVE GROUP is the electromagnetism valve, two dynamoelectric valves, building of the profession manufacturing from control valve series of point framework business enterprise.The company owns strong technique strength and the forerunner's production craft, is the whole process which gathers research, design, production, sale and after-sales services an integral whole to make a business enterprise.
   For satisfying lately old and large customer's demand, the product of company passed ISO9001 international quality system an attestation, and draw lessons from and absorbed a foreign forerunner to manage a method and produce a craft, make the product quality attain international level;Produce an equipments excellent, product design adoption CAD with living to produce a CAM technique, provide a design reasonable, shape beauty....THE MORE
 How To Order Valves
  This catalog has been published to assist you in choosing the correct valve for a vast number of piping conditions. The Aloyco product line makes available to you a very broad choice of valves. These valves are described in this catalog.
   Care should be taken to select the most suitable valves for your service(s). Exact specification of each valve should be made to avoid possible ambiguity. When requesting quotations and/or ordering the product a fully adequate description should be made.
1.Selecting the Valve Size    2.Valve Material    3.Type of Valve   4.Pressure-Temperature Ratings   
5.Valve and Connections
  6.Method of Operation
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